Upton Blues Festival

I am the Chairman of the Upton Blues Festival, I can’t remember how I heard about your product the Envirocup in the first place , but I’m so happy I did. After speaking to Russell at your company and receiving a sample, I took the plunge and ordered 600 branded Envirocups for my festival in July this year.
I was apprehensive as I wasn’t sure how they would be accepted by the festival attendees, and was slightly fearful I would end up with a lot of stock to sell over the next few years. When they arrived I was over the moon with the quality of the engraving and knew I had a great product to offer. We offered the Ā£5 a cup deal, with 20p off every pint bought by re-using the cup, and then Ā£5 back at the end of the weekend if you didn’t want to take it home.
I should have ordered five times the amount, because we ran out within five hours of putting them on sale! As a very small number of people were bringing them back to get their fiver back we were washing re-selling the cup almost immediately.
The festival attendees absolutely embraced the idea and loved the fact it meant they weren’t using single use plastic glasses. At the end of the weekend out of the 600 sold I have only five returned, and two of them will be sold next week to someone who contacted me and asked if I had any left over!
Will I buy some for my 2019 festival, try stopping me, I will also date them to make them even more exclusive and collectible.

Stokkoya ā€“ Norway


Thanks for asking! The cups worked out great! Easy to clean (we had steamers at the venue), easy to stock and great for cold drinks the day we had warm weather šŸ™‚

We had just enough, but I should have ordered some more I think šŸ™‚

We ordered 1500 and had 400 left after the festival, most people took them home as a souvenir.

Almost every festival in Norway uses Plastic cups, or PLA cups, so by using the enviro cup, we made a lot of nice headline in the national press, and I have already got a lot of emails from other festivals regarding our suppliers, so I have mentioned you guys to everyone asking šŸ™‚

Iā€™m sure we will order more for the next years festival šŸ™‚

Thanks for a good delivery and follow up! šŸ™‚

Stonehaven Folk Festival

I think the Enviro-cup went down well at the festival with a lot of positive feedback. We sold out of the limited edition 30th festival cups. A number of other festival organisers appeared interested in following suit at their events so you may hear from some of them.